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SHIRLEY* St James 8, 6-1-1 in Bb

Grid Reference 139/119788 Shirley Church - Source: Mike
Postcode B90 2BA
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 0915-1000
Practice Thursday 1945-2115


The church was built in 1831 as a Chapel of Ease to Solihull, and equipped with one bell, cast by John Rudhall and weighing 1-3-9. The church became a parish church in its own right in 1843. In 1854 the existing bell was replaced by a ring of four bells, costing £209/5/9, augmented in an extended frame within the year to five at a cost of £45/10/-.

The existing five bells were rehung in a new cast iron lowside frame, quarter turned and augmented to six by Taylors in 1929. The canons were also removed at this time. The frame was then further extended when two new trebles were added in 1946-7, again by Taylors. The Taylor bells were all cast with flat tops.

The church, being unusual in that the tower is at the east end of the building, is on the main street in Shirley and there is a large public car park on the north side of the church.

Details of the Bells

                                     Weight prior
                                     to retuning
1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1946          3-0-02  22.625"  1835.0Hz (Bb-26c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1946          3-1-20  23.625"  1733.0Hz (A-27c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough  1929          3-3-01  25.00"   1543.0Hz (G-28c)
4 C. & G. Mears, Whitechapel      1855          3-2-08  26.00"   1374.0Hz (F-29c)
5 C. & G. Mears, Whitechapel      1854  4-1-17  4-0-21  28.125"  1222.0Hz (Eb-32c)
6 C. & G. Mears, Whitechapel      1854  4-2-09  4-1-12  29.00"   1155.0Hz (D-29c)
7 C. & G. Mears, Whitechapel      1854  5-0-24  4-3-25  31.00"   1030.0Hz (C-28c)
8 C. & G. Mears, Whitechapel      1854  6-2-02  6-1-01  34.375"   918.5Hz (Bb-26c)

Photo Gallery

The Church - Looking East. Source: Mike Chester The Church - Looking East. Source: Mike Chester The Church - Looking West. Source: Mike Chester
The Church - Looking to
the Liturgical East
The Chancel and Sanctuary The Church - Looking to
the Liturgical West

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