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CUBBINGTON St Mary 6, 10-1-19 in G (GF)

Grid Reference 151/344683 Cubbington Church - Source M Chester
Postcode CV32 7LJ
Affiliation Coventry DG
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 0900-0930
Practice Tuesday 1930-2100


Though there is still some "village feel", the church is now part of "Greater Leamington Spa". The earliest part of the existing church is the south arcade of the nave, dating from the early 12th century. About the end of that century the tower was added. The aisles may have been rebuilt during the 13th century, to which period the south doorway belongs, but the windows, so far as they are, or reproduce, original work, belong to the 14th century, when the chancel appears to have been rebuilt and probably lengthened. The chancel was repaired by Lord Leigh in 1780, and about 1830 considerable repairs were done to the south aisle, the flat roof shown being replaced by an extension of the nave roof. A very extensive restoration was carried out in 1885, when the north arcade was completely rebuilt, both aisles extended eastwards to form vestries, the porch rebuilt, and a gallery at the west end and the flat ceiling in the chancel, which in 1834 cut off the tracery of the east window, removed. 

A relatively new ring of 6, they were a ringable four before rehanging and augmentation by Taylors in 1971, the second being recast to become the fourth of the new ring. The new bells have flat tops and the canons for the older bells have been removed. The bells go well and are suitable for the less experienced ringer.

The third and also the now recast 4th were cast at the Watts foundry. However, as Hugh WattsII died in 1643 either the date on the bells are both wrong, which is not likely, or more likely the bell was cast in his premises by a successor. This would possibly be his son, also called Hugh, or his foreman George Curtis who was described as a bellfounder in the burial record of 5th September 1650 at St Martin's church Leicester (now the Cathedral), suggesting that there was still some bellfounding activity in the city at a time when the Civil War had meant a large reduction in the amount of work that was available.

The first peal on the bells, Plain Bob Minor, was rung on 1st May 1976

The entrance is from the south side and there is parking by the churchyard wall. There is a nice pub to the east of the church.

Details of the Bells

1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough        1971   3-2-13  25.875"  1304.0Hz (E-19c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough        1971   4-0-02  27.50"   1161.0Hz (D-20c)
3 Sucessor to Hugh Watts II, Leicester  1646   4-2-20  29.50"   1025.0Hz (C-36c)
4 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough        1971   5-2-20  32.00"    975.0Hz (B-23c)
5 Hugh Watts II, Leicester              1626   8-0-17  35.00"    869.0Hz (A-22c)
6 Hugh Watts II, Leicester              1640  10-1-19  39.50"    772.0Hz (G-27c)

Photo Gallery

cubbington2_small cubbington3_small
The Ringing Area -
Decorated for the
Guild Ringing Competition
Final in 2014. 
The East End
of the Church 
cubbington1950_small cubbington1969_small
Spencer Hicks, Arthur Hickman,
Alan Rose, Ernie Taylor,
Walter Levy. (1950s)
The bells being removed in 1969

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