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When someone sends me an update for a tower I do keep the email in my email client for later reference - if I can find it!  If you have sent me information and wish me to delete your emails, please let me know and I will free up the space on my PC!!

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I would very much like feedback from visitors to this site. Please include your name, the church involved (as appropriate) and, most importantly, the source of your information in your message.

Thank you

Mike Chester 

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The information contained in this web site is for general information only, and is intended as a companion to visiting ringers, local ringers, and bell historians. Impressions are mainly based on the web authors own visits, often some years distant. It contains information about all change ringing intallations and also chimes of 3 or more bells, with the exception of clock chimes, where the cut-off point is 4 bells.  There are literally hundreds of places with one or two bells hung for chiming, but the limited interest in these bells does not warrent the time that would be required to produce a webpage for each of them.

Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the correctness of the information on this website, you are advised to make further checks before any visit.

The individual tower pages contain ringing times. Before visiting, please check that ringing will take place as stated, as it often might not! For details of the tower contacts, refer to the appropriate Guilde Website, Guild Report, or contact the Guild Secretary, or the Branch Secretary.

Please let me know of any inaccuracies and/or omissions and I will correct them as soon as possible. It would be very helpful if you would quote any source for a correction so that it can be verified. No source is infallible, and it is only by highlighting discrepancies and then checking the data at source that errors can be eliminated.

Information contained in web sites linked to from this web site are the copyright of the website owner. Please refer to the terms, conditions and copyright statements of those web sites.

Photographs published on this web site are copyright. If you wish to use any of these photographs please check with me first. A large number of the photographs were taken by me and I will give free access to them; but a number where taken by other photographers and their permission will be required. 


I would like to thank the following people :-

Chris Pickford, the author of "The Steeple, Bells and Ringers of Coventry Cathedral (1987)" (available directly from Chris). Chris has contributed a large amount of information from his extensive researches on Warwickshire bells. He has visited every belfry in the county to record details of the bells, frames and fittings. His notes, mainly collected between 1967 and 1986, were intended as the basis for a revised publication on the bells of the County.

For various reasons - chiefly the lack of a publisher and/or funding for publication - this has never appeared, though Chris hopes to be able to return to the project and complete it for private publication within the next few years. In the meantime, he has readily agreed to provide the basic information from his researches for inclusion here. He has also checked the entire text. Chris would like to be kept informed about changes and improvements in Warwickshire belfries. He is also willing to provide detailed information from his material on request. He can be contacted via e-mail from this link. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Baldwin, who has kept me informed of changes that have been notified via the Dove website, often directly from information from foundries/bellhangers and I am grateful to John for passing on the information that has been supplied by these busy people.

Keith Chambers of Wolston, who provided much of the initial data.

David Bagley of Worcester, whose idea I have shamelessly copied!

Much of the information about the history of the church building comes from British History Online


Web Site History

Updates 2018
16/11/2018 Frequencies at Lillington added
08/11/2018 Photos of the bell at Hockley Heath and the bells at St Mary's Warwick added
14/08/2018 Photographs of the chime at Kenilworth SJE added
26/07/2018 Better quality recording of Shirley added. Photographs of Walsgrave on Sowe updated
25/07/2018 Pictures of Stockton added
05/07/2018 Pictures of Mappleborough Green added
08/06/2018 Recordings of Barston, Bubbenhall, Polesworth, Sheldon, Studley & Sutton Coldfield added and that of Alcester updated
04/06/2018 Picture of the bombed church at Chilvers Coton added
22/05/2018 Recording of Shipston on Stour added and an improved one for Halford also added.
20/03/2018 Recording of Pillerton Hersey added
13/03/2018 Recording of Bilton and photographs of Bilton and Shilton updated.
12/02/2018 Recordings of Handsworth (front 6), Lighthorne & Solihull added
05/02/2018 Recording of Ipsley added
30/01/2018 Practice night at Snitterfield updated to Wednesday 1730-1900
25/10/2018 Photographs of Farnborough, Warwick St Mary, Burton Dassett and Stoke added/updated
16/01/2018 Recording of Alcester (front 6) added
02/01/2018 Photographs of Churchover bells added


Updates 2017
17/12/2017 Whitnash - roof repairs complete - are now ringing again.
13/12/2017 Pillerton Hersey have now been augmented to 5 and have been test rung. 
03/11/2017 Details of the bells at Pillerton Hersey updated.
19/10/2017 Photographs of Pillerton Hersey bells added. Recording of the 8 at Castle Bromwich added
12/10/2017 Recording of the 6 at Castle Bromwich added
29/09/2017 Recording of Honington added
22/08/2017 Castle Bromwich - details of the new trebles and frequencies for all the bells added.  Weights and diameters of the previous rings added
10/08/2017 Frequencies of Great Wolford added
07/08/2017 Recording of Aston Cantlow added
14/06/2017 Each page has been updated to make it better viewable on smaller devices.   Many churches have had their histories updated and/or floor plans added, courtesy of British History Online.
06/06/2017 Photographs of "Big Brum" added
24/05/2017 Recording of Knowle added
22/05/2017 Pictures of Church Lawford and Snitterfield added
19/05/2017 Recordings of Birmingham, RC Cathedral and Yardley added. A number of photos have been added/upgraded.
13/05/2017 Details of the previous rings at Coventry Cathedral and Warwick, St Nicholas added
08/05/2017 Photographs of Umberslade added
07/05/2017 Recordings of Tanworth in Arden and Tysoe added
29/04/2017 Recording of Shirley added
28/04/2017 Recording of Selly Oak added. Images of Tysoe added
25/04/2017 Images of Princethorpe added
21/04/2017 Recording of the former steel ring at Moseley St Mary and Napton added. Images of Newbold Pacey added
19/04/2017 Recording of Middleton added
13/04/2017 Recording of Lower Quinton added
24/03/2017 Recordings of Halford and Harborne added. Pictures of Handsworth added
21/03/2017 Recording of Erdington Abbey added
14/03/2017 Recordings of Birmingham St Martin, St Philip and St Paul and Brailes added
13/03/2017 Photographs of Castle Bromwich added.
09/03/2017 Several internal photographs of churches added.


Updates 2016
24/11/2016 Recordings of Allesley added to show replacement 6th
18/11/2016 Details and pictures of the replacement 6th bell at Allesley added
31/08/2016 Pictures and recording of Kingsbury added
20/07/2016 Pictures of Great Wolford & Long Compton added
18/07/2016 Recordings of Long Compton and Whichford added
15/07/2016 Recording of Aston added
19/06/2016 Images and recording of Bishops Itchington added
05/06/2016 Photos of Kingsbury and Northfield added
18/05/2016 Walsgrave on Sowe webpage updated.
05/05/2016 Recording of Wishaw added
02/05/2016 Recording of Tidmington added
29/04/2016 Recording of Snitterfield added. Pictures of Sutton under Brailes added
28/04/2016 Pictures of Rugby and Radway added.
27/04/2016 Recordings of Newton Regis, Offchurch and Northfield added
25/04/2016 Recording of Radway added
19/04/2016 Various internal photographs added. Recording of Fenny Compton added.
25/03/2016 Pictures of Hatton and Stretton on Dunsmore added
14/03/2016 Recording of Stretton on Dunsmore added
07/03/2016 Pillerton Hersey updated.
22/02/2016 Photographs of the bells at Burton Hastings added. Photographs of Withybrook added
11/01/2016 Frequencies at Hatton added
07/01/2016 Recording of the 5 at Rugby added


Updates 2015
30/11/2015 Pictures of Ansley, Alveston, Ashow and Ansty added
26/10/2015 Diameters, weights and frequencies added for Clifford Chambers
03/09/2015 Smallest 25 bells at Bournville replaced by bells cast by Taylors.
03/08/2015 Further pictures of Sherbourne added
23/06/2015 Photographs of Leek Wootton, post augmentation, added.
22/06/2015 Photographs of Aston Cantlow, Claverdon & Wootton Wawen added
18/06/2015 Leek Wootton's augmentation is now complete
09/06/2015 Photographs of Leek Wootton's bells back for rehanging added
19/04/2015 Photographs of Corley, Keresley and Fillongley added. Recording of Keresley added
02/04/2015 "As Received" and "as tuned" weights added at Leek Wootton
05/03/2015 Pictures of Stoneleigh, Warwick St Mary and Bulkington added
29/01/2015 Pictures of Stratford upon Avon and Stoutham added


Updates 2014
22/12/2014 Pictures of Sherbourne added
31/10/2014 Sound clip of Boldmere added
27/10/2014 Images of Beaudesert, Cubbington and Wolston added.
31/07/2014 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and Birmingham, Great Western Arcade,  Imperial Arcade, Market Hall, Handsworth College added
21/07/2014 Images of Bulkington added
09/07/2014 Images of Whichford added
13/06/2014 Images and audio of Atherstone added
10/06/2014 Pictures of Wellesbourne added
02/06/2014 Pictures of the old third at Allesley in the rehung ring at Little Bedwyn added
30/05/2014 Diameters at Princethorpe and Rugby RC Added
28/04/2014 Photographs and recording of Coughton added
13/03/2014 Bilton text updated.  Pictures of the 1988 restoration at Ryton on Dunsmore added.
13/02/2014 Details of the retuned ex-3rd at Allesley added.
31/01/2014 Photo and recording of the previous third at Castle Bromwich added, practice night updated.
30/01/2014 Leamington Hastings practice time updated
07/01/2014 Broken Link check - several Multimap links changed to Streetmap


Updates up to the end of 2013
29/12/2013 Leamington Spa RC, Solihull - pictures added. Astley - recording added
22/11/2013 Birmingham, Ashted added to Lost Chimes section
21/11/2013 Lots of new pictures and information about rings of one added - it was a quiet day!
20/11/2013 Hampton Lucy, Hartshill, Idlicote, Kings Heath, Kinwarton updated in Ones and Twos section.  Recording of Longford's chime, and pictures of the bells at Longford and Foleshill, plus frequencies at Foleshill and Ansty added courtesy of Chris Pickford, added.
13/11/2013 Tidmington have been rehung in the tower and are therefore now ringable
08/11/2013 Several pictures of one bell towers and details of the churches added.
04/11/2013 Beaudesert and Exhall put back into place. Old Milverton hung dead and now in Lost Rings and Chimes of 3 sections.
04/11/2013 Site moved to new host after a series of issues.  Not least is that none of the backups would work. Updates since 19/08/13 have been lost and will be replaced if I can remember what they are!  Backups with the new host are hunky dory!
19/08/2013 Recording and pictures of Burton Hastings added
08/08/2013 Nominals at Wormleighton, Napton and Fenny Compton added
09/07/2013 Recording and photos of Butlers Marston added.  Pictures of Shotteswell, Rowington & Lapworth added. Tidmington weights added
26/06/2013 Radway frequencies added. Oxhill - canon info corrected.
16/06/2013 Clifton, Stockton and Grandbrough updated
09/06/2013 Recording of Shotteswell added
05/06/2013 Bourton on Dusmore updated. Diameters and frequencies added at Frankton, frequencies at Stretton
29/05/2013 Practice night at Leek Wootton updated
21/05/2013 Sound clips of Rowington and Moseley, St Mary added. Beaudesert updated.  Photos added for Radford Semele
18/05/2013 Wappenbury and Weston under Wetherley - frequencies added.
01/05/2013 Radford Semele updated.  Meriden and Dunchurch pictures added.
24/04/2013 Minor updates to Willey, Churchover, Harborough Magna and Meriden
17/04/2013 Frequencies of Harborough Magna and Willey added
10/04/2013 Frequencies of Priors Marston added
14/03/2013 Several pictures of chime towers added/updated
30/10/2012 Pictures of Over Whitacre, Tysoe and Whitnash added. Recording of Brinklow added
28/10/2012 Pictures of Farnborough, Brinkow and Bedworth RC added
21/10/2012 Long Itchington and Ufton updated
18/10/2012 Moseley, St Mary updated.
04/10/2012 Bedworth updated
04/09/2012 Churchover updated
28/07/2012 Practice time at Dunchurch updated. Weights at Beaudesert updated
26/04/2012 Brinklow and Wroxall updated
15/04/2012 Photographs of Over Whitacre and sound clip of the old 5 at Kingsbury added.
16/01/2012 Photographs of Corley and Nether Whitacre added. Lower Shuckburgh moved to Lost Section
29/12/2011 Recording and photos of Priors Hardwick added. Photos of Willoughby added
05/11/2011 Photographs of Chadshunt and Wellesbourne added
21/10/2011 Meriden and Tidmington updated
20/08/2011 Nominals at Sutton under Brailes added
26/07/2011 Pictures of removing the old bells and casting of the new at Allesley added.
21/07/2011 Wolfhampcote, Baddesley Clinton, Barcheston, Cherington and Attlebrough updated.
25/06/2011 Tidmington updated
08/06/2011 Pictures of Corley and Hillmorton added.
19/05/2011 Henley in Arden updated
12/05/2011 Burton Dassett and Long Compton updated
06/05/2011 Little Compton updated
21/02/2011 Pictures of Astley added
30/12/2010 Baddesley Ensor updated
04/12/2010 Augmentation at Sheldon is now complete
23/10/2010 Frequencies at Mancetter added.
23/08/2010 Frequencies at Lighthorne and Nuneaton added.
06/07/2010 Pictures and sound clip added at Ettington. Sound clip added at Henley in Arden
18/06/2010 Oldberrow updated
05/06/2010 Nominals at Withybrook added
03/05/2010 Nominals at Leek Wootton added
23/04/2010 Nominals at Snitterfield added
18/04/2010 Pictures of Bishops Itchington added
17/03/2010 Ashow updated. Ettington now ringable for short periods.
13/12/2010 Avon Dassett are now ringable for limited ringing and no longer GF. They are NOT available for general ringing
08/01/2010 A few pictures added
14/12/2009 Sound clip of Coventry, SJB added
12/09/2009 Meriden now unringable
21/08/2009 Weight of 2nd, diameters of 3/4/5 and frequencies for Wolvey updated.
10/08/2009 Sound clips of Bilton, Coleshill and Moseley, St Anne added. All WAV files converted to MP3
09/08/2009 Photographs added at Coventry Cathedral, Salter Street & Bournville St Lazar
31/07/2009 Lots of detail about frames and turnings of bells updated over the last few days. Frequencies being converted into exact notes
06/06/2009 Photographs and inscriptions of Cherington added
29/05/2009 Photographs of Chilvers Coton, Keresley & Lower Shuckburgh added.
26/05/2009 Correct weight of Alderminster added, frequencies have started to be converted into exact notes.
15/05/2009 Frequencies of Austrey added & diameters completed/updated
19/04/2009 Frequencies of Honington, Ettington, Oxhill, Chadshunt, Chesterton and Avon Dassett added. Sound file of Avon Dassett added
23/03/2009 Further Pictures of Nuneaton added, also of Tile Cross and Castle Bromwich
16/03/2009 Pictures of Nuneaton added
15/01/2009 Frequencies of Newbold Pacey added
01/12/2008 Pictures of Cherington added
26/11/2008 Postcodes for all towers added, pictures of some chimes added
17/11/2008 Pictures of Kenilworth added
14/11/2008 Pictures of St Anne, Moseley added
05/11/2008 Further pictures of Kineton added - augmentation completed
22/10/2008 Pictures of Kineton and Radford Semele added
27/09/2008 Nominals/diameters added for Stoneleigh and Wootton Wawen
27/08/2008 Nominals/diameters added for Tanworth
07/08/2008 Sheldon - details of unhung new trebles added.
01/07/2008 Moseley St Anne - details of new tenor added. Are now ringing.
21/06/2008 Moseley St Anne updated - work to make ringable in progress. Whatcote updated.
05/06/2008 Harringtons page updated.
18/05/2008 Pictures of Moseley St Anne and St Mary added.
10/05/2008 Names of Alcester bells and pictures of Allesley added
23/04/2008 Pictures of Leamington RC and the rehanging at Bilton added
21/03/2008 Yardley added. Photographs of the fire damage at Radford Semele added
18/03/2008 Bilton updated
14/03/2008 Wythall added
12/03/2008 Sparkhill SJE and Tile Cross added. Sutton Coldfield updated. Diameters and frequencies added for Welford on Avon
05/03/2008 Smethwick, St Paul and Sparkhill added. Leamington RC updated
02/03/2008 Saltley RC, Saltley, St Saviour and Smethwick added. Selly Oak updated.
29/02/2008 Rowley Regis added
25/02/2008 Perry Barr added
22/02/2008 Northfield and Oldbury added
15/02/2008 Moseley St Anne and Moseley St Mary added
14/02/2008 Picture of Bilton's new tenor added
07/02/2008 Maryvale added
07/02/2008 Harborne and Kings Norton added
04/02/2008 Handsworth St Michael, a lost tubular ring, and Harborne, St Faith and St Laurence added,
photographs of Coventry Cathedral and Napton added
31/01/2008 Erdington, St Barnabas and Abbey both updated. Erdington Orphanage and Handsworth Added
26/01/2008 Birmingham St Paul, Cathedral, Deritend and Bournville Carillon and St Lazar added
20/01/2008 Birmingham St Chad and St Martins pages added
18/01/2008 Aston page added and Bishop Latimer's and Bishop Ryder's added to lost rings section.
31/12/2007 Web site redesigned.
During 2007 Many diameters and frequencies added, courtesy of the Dove Database contributors, to whom many thanks are given.

Welcome to a Guide to the Church Bells of Warwickshire.

I have taken Warwickshire to ignore the 1974 county boundary changes, mainly because most people round here seem to wish they had not happened!

Those churches now incorporated into the "West Midlands" are marked thus *.

Details of a few towers that have "left" the county of Warwickshire are also included. I am adding those in and around Birmingham from information kindly supplied by Chris Pickford, as most of these towers are "technically" in Warwickshire, though not under the control of the County Council.

I would like to thank all those who have provided information and photographs for this site.  All photographs are "clickable" to enlarge them

I particularly wish to acknowledge the support and encouragement given to me by Chris Pickford who has allowed me access to his records. A great deal of the data in this website is directly quoted from his records and this site would not exist without access to the notes he has taken during the many hundred of hours of research he has carried in Warwickshire churches.


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