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Finding the church is fairly easy, sort of! It is on the north side of the River Wear, not surprisingly in the Roker area of Sunderland. If you have an A to Z look for Roker Park Road. The church is just north of Roker Park, no not the old football ground, (which has now been turned into rabbit hutches - oops sorry - desirable residences), the actual park that was there first!

You can get a map from here

Our postcode to use in your sat nav is SR6 9DP.

For those not knowing the city, and without a sat nav, it is probably best to find the coast road, the A183, and follow it.  Not necessarily the quickest method, but the safest!

Coming along the coast road from the north

The road rises quite steeply from a roundabout that used to have a silly fountain on it by the Marriot Hotel. (Brilliant idea this. Build a fountain that has to be switched off when the wind gets up. You've guessed it - the wind is nearly always up! It's only yards from the beach. A six figure sum of money wasted, but it involved European Union money and .............). They eventually filled it with earth and planted flowers! During daylight you will be able to see the church tower from around this point.

Just before the coast road starts to level out you should be able to spot the road to the church, called Rock Lodge Road, which is a couple of hundred yards inland. There is a very large Old People's Home on the corner with a clock turret.

The artistic amongst you may be interested to know that the well known artist L. S. Lowry used to have some of his holidays . in what was then called "The Seaburn Hotel" by this roundabout. He used to go over the road in his slippers and onto the promenade to paint.

Coming along the coast road from the south

The one way traffic system means you cannot turn right off the north end of the bridge over the River Wear. You must travel straight on - be in the right hand lane.  If you have come from the other direction you cannot get to the bridge - not that you would want to!

You have to turn east, (i.e left from the Stadium, right from the bridge), by the Wheatsheaf Pub (pronounced "wee-chief" in Sunderland), into Roker Avernue, and then right at the traffic lights by Lidl and left at the bottom of Church Street North, near to St Peters

Follow this road until you are forced into a 90ยบ left at a small roundabout- (unless you like driving down a cliff face!) and this is the coast road proper. You will go past the Roker Hotel raised up on your left, (you should see the two piers at the entrance to Sunderland Harbour on your right), and then you come to the corner of Roker Park, (not the old football ground, this really is a park!) Take the following left turn 100 yards or so after the park and if you don't stop you will crash into the churchyard wall by the tower!

The entrance is on the north side of the tower. When the ringing stops bang on the door announce yourself to the head that appears from the tower and the key will be ceremonially chucked down from the ringing room window!

Ringing times are:-

Sunday - 9.00 - 9.30am
Tuesday - 7.00 - 9.00pm

The band are mainly in the beginners stages, but are very keen to progress. Visitors are very welcome indeed. Do come along to see us!

Tower Captain

Christine Richardson, 30 North Grove, Sunderland, SR6 9PJ
Tel: (0191) 548 8160

Useful Weblinks

The Parish Website

Durham & Newcastle DA Website

Change Ringing Resources

The Central Council Website

The Sunderland Website

The Sunderland Football Club Website



Here are some pictures of the church and bells.  

They have been thumb-nailed - click on them to enlarge.  


Roker.jpg (46348 bytes) roker2.jpg (56916 bytes) roker7.jpg (135293 bytes) roker8.jpg (64072 bytes)

North View  

The tower entrance is at the bottom right

of the tower as you look in this direction

East View


South View

Inside, looking west, 

the main entrance is in 

the far corner of this picture

roker3.jpg (90880 bytes) roker4.jpg (94602 bytes) roker5.jpg (83402 bytes) roker6.jpg (79297 bytes)

Lady Chapel 

Stained Glass

Sanctuary Ceiling

The Norman & Beard

3 manual organ

View from the 

west end


The Bells


The bells are actually very difficult to photograph well.  The best photograph we have was actually taken in the foundry. 


In the left hand photograph the bell in the middle is the 7th and you can see part of the tenor in the foreground and the 6th in the background. You can also see the headstock of the 4th and the wheel of the 5th.  The 8th & 9th swing in the opposite direction behind them.  The reason it is difficult is obvious if you look at the top of the photograph and notice that you can see the belfry roof immediately above the blue beam - no excess headroom at Roker!  


The second photograph is looking at the tenor from the opposite side.  It was taken standing on the frame by the 5th.  The low ceiling can be more clearly seen in this photograph.


You can clearly see the sound control at the back of the photographs, there being another panel to the left in each case.  Large is a good adjective for these louvres!  The horizontal flap at the top can be opened as desired. 


Shown second right - our pride and joy - the relatively new ringing room ceiling!  It replaced a rainwater stained one made of boards and looks just a little bit better! The wheels have been completely re-soled and re-shrouded since these photographs were taken.

The last photograph is the bells on the floor of the foundry.


roker_7th.jpg (59005 bytes) roker_tenor.jpg (58307 bytes) roker_ceiling.jpg (52591 bytes) roker9.jpg (90880 bytes)
The Seventh The Tenor The Ringing Room Ceiling The Bells in the Foundry 1948


Views of local interest ......

beach.jpg (63023 bytes) piers.jpg (57259 bytes) fountain.jpg (47486 bytes)

The beach looking south

towards the piers


A closer view of the piers

The infamous fountain

roundabout, now planted with

flowers and the top bit removed!

We could not omit Sunderland AFC from this site as it was formerly

housed at Roker Park, which is within our parish

clockstand.jpg (61982 bytes) rokerend.jpg (76157 bytes) stadium.jpg (53751 bytes)

Where the "Clock
Stand" once stood


The Roker End today.


The Magnificant

"Stadium of Light"

Other Churches With Bells in Sunderland

There are three other churches located within the Borough of Sunderland that have a ring of bells, all being on the south side of the river. These are:

HOLY TRINITY, 8 13-2-14 IN F (NZ406573)

htrinity.jpg (109551 bytes) ht_plaque.jpg (54608 bytes)
Holy Trinity Church The Blue Plaque

This Grade I Listed brick church, built in 1719 to a design by W. Etty, is the Parish Church of Sunderland. In Hendon, and therefore quite close to St. Ignatius, this church suffered a drop in congregation due to the movement of people away from the riverside area. The area has undergone some regeneration recently and the area looks much more welcoming than previously. Opposite the church used to be a catholic church and Presbytery, this being demolished some time ago.

It was made redundant, (see plaque), several years ago but the bells are still rung by arrangement. The bells were cast by Whitechapel in 1829 and then rehung by the same firm, (with the two trebles recast), in 1951.

To find the church go East at the roundabout at the south end of Sunderland's "Sydney Harbour" like bridge (ours was built first!). Follow this road, signposted the A1018 to Teeside, round until you get to a roundabout. Turn left into High Street East, signposted B1293 The Port, and after a few hundred yards third right into Church Street East. The church is built of brick and has a tower. There is parking by the church. Entry is by the main west door of the church.

The Bells

  Inscription  Date Weight Diameter
1 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829 1951 4-2-10  
2 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829 1951 4-3-03  
3 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829  1829 5-2-21 24.00"
4 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829   1829 6-2-00 27.00"
5 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829  1829 7-0-07 30.00"
6 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829  1829 8-2-07 32.00"
7 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1829   1829 9-3-02 38.00"
1829 13-2-14 46.00"
 1 & 2 were recast at Whitechapel in 1951 and all the bells rehung


ST IGNATIUS, HENDON 8 12-3-20 IN G (Not F# as is normally stated) (NZ404564)

st_igs.jpg (42813 bytes)
St. Ignatius Church

This is very much an Anglo-Catholic church. Originally there were six bells placed in the tower in 1898/9. For some reason the tenor had to be recast in 1905 and then the bells were augmented to eight in 1913. Service ringing is nominally 10.00 and practice night is Thursday, 2nd & 4th, at 19.00. There is a relatively new band here, so it would be sensible to check if ringing is to take place before travelling.

As said above, this church is not far from Holy Trinity and they used to share the same clergy. Again turn east at the end of the bridge and follow this main road. Keep following the signs for Durham. Keep going south, going straight on towards Grangetown rather than Durham at a roundabout, and you will come to back the church after less than a mile on your right at another roundabout. It has a spire. You can park behind the church. Depending upon when you ring the entry may be by the main church door by the tower or the small door down the north side of the church.

The Bells




(other side)


The souls of the faithful are in the hands of God.

M.A.R. who fell asleep in Christ on St Matthew's Day 1912



To the glory of God and in pious memory of Mary A. Ritson, the gift of her eldest son S. McK.R. 1913


(Other side)

In thankful memory of ten years ...... 1899


Grand-daughter of St Michael, i.e. of the original parish church of Bishopwearmouth


This church is the daughter church of St Paul, i.e. Hendon Parish Church 1854


Dedicated to the memory of St Ignatius Bishop of Antioch, 1889


Lightfoot Bishop of Durham, founder of this church 1887


(Other Side)




To the glory of God and in memory of ...... the pious gift of their four children

All these bells were cast by Taylors of Loughborough

Weights & Diameters and Dates of Casting
Treble 3-1-10 24.18" 1913 5 6-1-20 31.50" 1898
2 3-2-24 25.00" 1913 6 7-1-12 31.125" 1898
3 4-2-11 27.00" 1899 7 9-3-06 37.125" 1898
4 5-1-18 29.06" 1898 Tenor 12-3-20 41.00"  


This church is often known as "Bishopwearmouth" to local ringers. It became a Minster church after Sunderland was granted City Status in 1992 to mark the 40th Anniversary of the accession to the throne of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. On High Street, it is over the road from the Empire Theatre and beside the Crowtree Leisure Centre. Entry is by the south door.

Service ringing is at 9.30 and 17.30. Practice night is Monday, 19.30

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm that ringing will take place

The original six bells, the first ring in Sunderland, were cast by Thomas Mears in 1809 and were augmented to eight by them in 1894. The whole ring was recast by Whitechapel in 1932 and rehung in the existing frame.  The bells become a ring of 10 in 2012, when they were rehung in a new 2-level frame by Fred Pembleton, with two new treble that had been cast by Whitechapel.

The church is now one without its own parish! It is therefore "extra-parochial". It is the church for all Church of England members in Sunderland; it is, "A church for the whole City". At the same time it added "St Benedict Biscop" to its name.

The Bells

  Founder Date Weight Diameter
1 Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd  2009 3-1-27  23.188" 
2 Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd 2009 3-3-13  24.438" 
3 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 4-0-15 25.125"
4 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 4-2-16 23.675"
5 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 4-3-02 28.000"
6 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 5-2-22 29.750"
7 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 6-0-01 31.750"
8 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 7-0-23 33.000"
9 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London 1932 8-2-09 35.750"
10 Mears & Stainbank, Whitechapel, London
1932 12-2-07 41.000"


Here is an old engraving and also a modern photograph
taken from a similar position to where the artist stood. 
The church itself has not changed dramatically from the outside. 
The pinnacles have disappeared and there has been a south aisle built.
The churchyard has now been cleared and the locality is much more built up,
the Empire Theatre being behind the church and the Leisure Centre
about level with where the engraving was done and 90º to the right.



Technically Houghton, (please pronounce it "Hoe-tun" and not "How-ton"!) is in the Borough of Sunderland, so it gets a mention here.

This lovely old church is easily visible from the A690 Sunderland to Durham road. It can be a little tricky to get to if you are not careful. Take the exit on the Durham side of the church from the A690 and not the Sunderland side and you can get right to the it. There are some free parking spaces very close to the church and you can drive up the church pathway and park by the church rooms round the back. The entrance to the ringing room is round the back of the church, up a short spiral staircase and then a short walk over the roof to the central tower. You can just make out the entrance to the ringing room from the photo on the left in the V created by the two roof lines.

The bells are easy to ring and are, in fact, used as the Durham & Newcastle D.A. Ringing Centre. The tower is equipped with a computer and sensors, as well as a video camera and TV. They are a slightly old fashioned sounding back 6 with 2 very nice G & J trebles. However, if you use the simulator the bells sound rather good!

The Church The Treble
Note the standard G & J
Fittings of time

- a short mono MP3 recording, not of brilliant quality I'm afraid. It was recorded in the ringing room during a District Meeting and there are some slight extraneous noises!

  Inscription Date Weight Diameter
1 ELLA MARY CHRYSTAL 1928 1928 4-3-21 26.500"
1928 5-0-19 27.500"
3 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1826 1826 5-2-08 30.375"
4 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1826 1826 6-0-06 31.875"
5 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1826 1826 6-1-20 36.625"
6 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1826 1826 6-3-22 35.000"
7 T. MEARS OF LONDON FECIT 1826 1826 9-0-14 38.250"
1826 12-0-00 42.625"

 NB the date of the trebles is incorrectly given as 1926 in "Bells of the Durham and Newcastle Dioceses".


There is a small chime of 8 bells, 2-3-13 in F, at St Mary, Hylton

There was supposed to have been a peal of Grandsire Triples at this tower on the 4th of March 1845. I was always extremely suspicious of this as a local history book says that the church building then standing was converted from a previous property given for the purpose, suggesting a tower containing ringing bells was unlikely.  The newpaper report that lead to it being believed a peal was rung here read:

SUNDERLAND.-On Tuesday the Newcastle and Gateshead Union Society of Change-ringers having been waited upon by Mr. Thomas Gay, of the Union Society, York, and Mr. Charles Balle, of the Cumberland Society, London, visited the town of Sunderland, and rung upon their melodious peal of eight bells, at the parish church of St. Mary's, a true and complete peal of Grandsire Tripples, consisting of 5040 changes, which was performed in an admirable style in two hours and fifty-four minutes, being the first peal ever accomplished upon these bells, and was performed by the following persons:-John Bennett, treble; Charles Walker, 2nd; George Hyde, 3rd; Charles Balle, 4th; Joseph Pesscott, 5th; Thomas Gay, 6th; Robert Balmbra, 7th; Thomas Marshall, tenor. The peal consisted of 194 bobs, and 46 singles, and was ably conducted by Mr. Thomas Gay, it being the first peal of this composition ever performed in the counties of Durham or Northumberland. Weight of tenor, 14 cwt. (Era, Sun. 9 March 1845; also reported in similar terms in the Newcastle Courant of Fri. 7 March 1845.)

This fits Holy Trinity, Sunderland; it being the only ring of 8 in Sunderland at the time and its tenor was the right weight.  The peal is now recorded on Felstead as being rung at Holy Trinity. (With thanks to Tim Jackson/John Eisel)

The present building is from the 1870s, a replacement for the original one that burnt down.

Four bells were installed in c.1930, the gift of Reverend William Marshall Teape, Vicar of the church until he retired in 1922 due to ill health, when the tower was built and the four others in 1939.  All were cast by Mears & Stainbank.


There is also a chime, this time of 6 bells, 5½ cwt, at St Paul, Ryhope

This church, built in the 1870s, is found in the middle of the village, just off the main road in from the A19 towards Sunderland. It is very obvious if you look to your right when travelling away from Sunderland, less so travelling towards it. Turn off the main road to the right in the middle of a sweeping S bend by a sort of village green area.

I visited the church in the autumn of 2001, but was unable to gain access to the upstairs chiming room. The substantial looking tower is half way down the North side of the church and provides the main entrance to it. The bells are chimed from an Ellacombe apparatus located in the first floor of the tower. The bells have had some work done to them recently, corroded girders have been replaced and the chiming hammers overhauled or replaced as necessary.


There is a chime of 6 bells with a "tenor" weight of 5½cwt at St Thomas' church on Petersfield Road in Pennywell. They were transferred from Monkwearmouth, Venerable Bede when this church was closed. Pennywell church was built around 1964, to the design of Francis Johnson.


There is a chime of 8(?) tubular bells at Holy Trinity, Southwick.

They almost certainly came from the Harrington factory in Coventry.

Roker Parish

Apart from St Andrew's there were once three active churches in the Parish. One of these has recently been converted into a private residence.

St Peter's

The tower contains two bells for chiming.

1/2 26.25" Mears & Stainbank 1903 
2/2 28.50" Mears & Stainbank 1903

This church is situated on Dame Dorothy Street, near to its junction with Church Street North. The church was founded in 674AD and The Venerable Bede spent some time at this church.

All Saints

This church is situated on Fulwell Road, a little east of its junction with Roker Baths Road There are two bells at this church

1/1 17.875" J. Warner 1874 
Disused 17ins Blank c. 1844

According to Pevsner the church is 1846-49 so the disused bell may be slightly later than 1844

St Aidan's

This is just off the coast road in St George's Street. It was the daughter church of All Saints, curiously being actually nearer to St. Andrew's than its mother church.

It has recently been declared redundant and has been converted into a private dwelling. Externally it is much as it was when it was a living church.

There is/was believed to be one c.19th bell in the tower

(Bell details from visits by George Elphick in 1977/78)

Peals Rung at Roker

Peal No Date Changes Method Time Guild/Assoc.
1 23/04/1949 5008 Kent T B Royal* (Granta Variation) 3h 33m D & N
2 30/05/1953 5007 Stedman Caters 3h 28m D & N
3 19/05/1956 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 30m D & N
4 28/10/1961 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 31m D & N
5 17/03/1962 5040 Pudsey S Royal 3h 19m D & N
6 24/11/1962 5040 Prittlewell S Royal 3h 24m D & N
7 15/06/1963 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 26m D & N
8 03/09/1963 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 09m D & N
9 29/01/1966 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 03m D & N
10 27/08/1966 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 15m D & N
11 28/09/1968 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 08m D & N
12 01/09/1969 5040 London S Royal 3h 12m D & N
13 04/08/1973 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 19m D & N
14 15/04/1974 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 2h 56m Yorkshire A
15 05/06/1981 5003 Grandsire Caters 3h 08m D & N
16 07/12/1985 5021 Grandsire Caters 3h 16m D & N
17 23/07/1986 5040 Cambridge S Royal 2h 57m D & N
18 13/12/1986 5040 Plain Bob Royal 3h 05m D & N
19 14/02/1987 5005 Stedman Caters 2h 54m D & N
20 16/05/1987 5000 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 02m Scottish A
21 05/09/1987 5040 Lincolnshire S Royal 3h 06m D & N
22 05/12/1987  5040 Roker Park S Royal
(Rung as Roker S) 
3h 12m D & N
23 06/02/1988 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 2h 56m Southwell G
24 07/05/1988 5021 Grandsire Caters 2h 46m D & N
25 24/09/1988 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 06m D & N
26 10/12/1988 5040 Lindsey S Royal 3h 16m Yorkshire A
27 18/02/1989 5040 Botolfston S Royal 3h 12m  D & N
28 29/04/1989 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 18m Non Assoc
29 02/09/1989 5007 Stedman Caters 3h 08m SRCY
30 02/12/1989 5040 Spliced S Royal (4M) 3h 08m D & N
31 24/02/1990 5002 London (No3) S Royal 3h 23m Oxford DG
32 21/04/1990 5040 Vermuyden S Royal 3h 06m Derby DA
33 14/10/1990 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 08m D & N
34 15/12/1990 5040 Superlative S Royal 3h 13m D & N
35 16/02/1991 5000 London (No3) S Royal 3h 13m D & N
36 06/04/1991 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 06m D & N
37 07/09/1991 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 03m D & N
38 20/10/1991 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 11m D & N
39 30/11/1991 5002 Oakham S Royal 3h 05m D & N
40 15/02/1992 5040 Imperial S Royal 3h 13m D & N
41 18/04/1992 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 13m D & N
42 09/05/1992 5040 Charmouth S Royal 3h 13m D & N
43 29/08/1992 5024 Rutland S Major 3h 10m Yorkshire A
44 26/09/1992 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 16m D & N
45 19/12/1992 5007 Stedman Caters 3h 10m D & N
46 23/01/1993  5040 Spliced S Royal (5M) 3h 16m D & N
47 06/03/1993 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 15m D & N
48 17/04/1993 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 22m D & N
49 05/06/1993 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 12m D & N
50 24/07/1993 5040 Lincolnshire S Royal 3h 19m D & N
51 22/08/1993 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 06m Yorkshire A
52 19/09/1993 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 13m D & N
53 31/10/1993 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 13m D & N
54 23/01/1994 5040 Quiriac S. Royal 3h 13m D & N
55 12/03/1994 5040 Metropolitan S Royal 3h 13m D & N
56 20/03/1994 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 13m D & N
57 31/05/1994 5057 Grandsire Caters 3h 15m Norwich Soc
58 06/06/1994 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 11m SRCY
59 14/08/1994 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 15m D & N
60 25/09/1994 5040 Pudsey S Royal 3h 07m D & N
61 09/10/1994 5040 Swindon S Royal 3h 10m Southwell G
62 18/12/1994 5040 Findern S Royal 3h 12m D & N
63 28/01/1995  5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 18m D & N
64 05/03/1995 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 13m D & N
65 16/04/1995 5040 Littleport Little S Royal 3h 18m D & N
66 21/05/1995 5040 Spliced S Royal (3M) 3h 16m SRCY
67 02/07/1995  5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 08m D & N
68 13/08/1995 5040 Lincolnshire S Royal 3h 08m D & N
69 27/08/1995 5040 Spliced S Royal (3M) 3h 09m Ely DA
70 17/09/1995 5088 Bristol S Major 2h 52m  D & N
71 14/01/1996 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 09m Scottish A
72 18/02/1996 5002 Rutland S Royal 3h 07m D & N
73 10/03/1996   5002 Rutland S Royal 3h 09m Scottish A
74 10/04/1996 5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 05m D & N
75 23/06/1996 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 04m D & N
76 25/08/1996 5040 Albanian S Royal 3h 06m Yorkshire A
77 21/12/1996 5040 Spliced S Royal (6M) 3h 09m D & N
78 12/04/1997 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 15m D & N
79 11/07/1997 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 14m SRCY
80 31/08/1997 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 19m D & N
81 27/09/1997 5003 Grandsire Caters 3h 12m D & N
82 08/11/1997 5040 Spliced S Royal (8M) 3h 08m D & N
83 17/01/1998 5000 Lockington S Royal 3h 07m D & N
84 26/09/1998 5040 Plain Bob Royal 3h 13m D & N
85 12/12/1998 5055 Stedman Caters 3h 04m D & N
86 19/09/1999  5040 Minor (7M)
(Rung on the Front 6;
Tenor clapper broken)
2h 43m SRCY
87 18/12/1999 5040 Grandsire Royal 3h 16m D & N
88 06/02/2000 5003 Double Norwich C B Caters 3h 07m D & N
89 11/03/2000 5040 Forty D. Royal 3h 06m D & N
90 06/05/2000 5031 Stedman Caters 3h 02m D & N
91 11/06/2000 5082 Bristol S Royal 3h 07m D & N
92 03/08/2000  5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 17m Around Ringers
93 28/08/2000  5040 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 16m Non Assoc
94 01/10/2000 5040 Spliced S Royal (4M)  3h 13m D & N
95 11/03/2001 5075 Grandsire Caters 3h 14m D & N
96 01/04/2001 5056 Plain Bob Major 3h 13m  D & N
97 06/05/2001 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 08m Non Assoc
98 01/07/2001 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 08m D & N
99 22/07/2001 5040 Spliced S Royal (3M)  3h 09m D & N
100 12/09/2001 5040 Hampstead S Royal  3h 12m Oxford DG
101 19/05/2002 5152 Spliced S Major (21M)  3h 16m D & N
102 01/06/2002 5040 Spliced S Royal (3M)  3h 07m D & N
103 30/06/2002 5002 Rutland S Royal 3h 05m D & N
104 07/07/2002 5040 Superlative (No2) S Royal 3h 11m D & N
105 19/10/2002 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 11m Non Assoc
106 24/12/2002  5040 Surprise Minor (7M)
(Rung on the back 6)
3h 03m D & N
107 04/01/2003 5079 Stedman Caters 3h 07m D & N
108 27/04/2003 5040 Jennie's Endeavor S Royal  3h 23m Yorkshire A
109 06/07/2003 5000 Vermuyden S Royal 3h 03m Yorkshire A
110 19/10/2003 5040 St Clements CB Royal  3h 21m D & N
111 30/11/2003 5040 Bristol S Royal 2h 58m Lancashire A
112 13/12/2003 5000 London (No3) S Royal 3h 13m Yorkshire A
113 28/03/2004 5055 Stedman Caters 3h 07m D & N
114 29/04/2004 5040 Cambridge S Royal 3h 06m Amersham Guild
115 15/05/2004 5040 Hampstead S Royal 3h 15m Yorkshire A
116 13/06/2004 5200 Bristol S Royal 3h 04m Yorkshire A
117 01/08/2004 5102 Littleport Little S Royal  3h 15m D & N
118 14/08/2004 5024 Spliced S Major (4M)  3h 13m D & N
119 20/11/2004 5056 Bristol S Major 3h 11m SRCY
120 05/12/2004 5040 Minor (2M)
(Rung on the front 6) 
2h 37m D & N
121 28/05/2005 5040 Kryton D Royal 3h 08m Yorkshire A
122 26/06/2005  5040 Spliced S Royal (4M) 3h 08m D & N
123 07/08/2005 5039 Grandsire Caters 3h 04m Yorkshire A
124 05/11/2005 5120 Lockington S Royal  3h 07m D & N
125 03/12/2005 5000 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 14m Durham Univ. Soc
126 19/02/2006 5040 Yorkshire S Royal  3h 03m D & N
127 02/04/2006 5080 Bristol S Royal 3h 08m Lancashire A
128 07/05/2006 5080 Bristol S Royal 3h 06m D & N
129 11/06/2006    5040 Lincolnshire S Royal 3h 02m D & N
130 19/08/2006 5000 Swindon S Royal 3h 07m D & N
131 24/09/2006 5040 Grandsire Triples 2h 53m D & N
132 11/02/2007 5000 Bristol S Royal 3h 03m Lancashire A
133 21/04/2007 5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal 3h 03m D & N
134 13/05/2007 5040 Centennial S Royal 3h 00m D & N
135 26/08/2007 5001 Swindon S Royal 3h 02m D & N
136 14/10/2007 5040 Bristol S Royal 3h 02m SRCY
137 19/12/2007 5002 Black Sheep S Royal 3h 04m Yorkshire A
138 01/03/2008 5082 Bristol S Royal 3h 13m D & N
139 13/04/2008 5039 Grandsire Caters 3h 09m D & N
140 26/09/2008 5112 Diamond A Royal 3h 08m D & N
141 11/10/2008 5152 Littleport Little S Royal  3h 10m D & N
142 31/01/2009 5040 Spliced Royal (2M)  3h 10m D & N
143 13/04/2009 5080 Yorkshire S Royal 3h 09m D & N
144 08/05/2009 5000 Triton D Royal 3h 08m SRCY
145 01/06/2009 5040 London (No3) S Royal  3h 21m B&WDA
146 13/07/2009  5040 Spliced S Royal (3M)  3h 14m ASCY
147 03/01/2010 5040 Cambridge S Royal 2h 58m D & N
148 23/01/2010 5039 Grandsire Caters 3h 08m Yorkshire A
149 30/01/2011 5003 Grandsire Caters 3h 00m D & N
150 11/06/2011 5082 Swindon Surprise Royal 3h 10m Lancashire A
151 23/09/2011 5040 London (No3) S Royal 3h 08m D & N
152 08/10/2011 5040 Swindon Surprise Royal 3h 08m D & N
153 19/11/2011 5040 Spliced Surprise Royal (14M) 3h 07m Scottish A
154 29/01/2012 5003 Grandsire Caters 3h 15m D & N
155 11/02/2012 5080 Bristol Surprise Royal 3h 14m Lancashire A
156 13/10/2012 5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal 3h 06m D & N
157 16/02/2013 5000 Clyde Surprise Royal 3h 13m D & N
158 17/03/2013 5040 Helen Bob Royal 3h 08m D & N
159 04/05/2013 5000 Bristol Surprise Royal 3h 01m D & N
160 11/07/2013 5000 Spliced Surprise Royal (4M) 3h 09m SRCY
161 07/12/2013 5035 Spliced Caters & Royal (2/2M) 3h 16m DUSCR
162 08/05/2014 5040 Henleaze Surprise Royal 3h 14m East Meets West
163 20/08/2014 5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal 3h 11m C.U.G.
164 30/11/2015 5056 Littleport Little Surprise Royal 3h 00m SRCY
195 09/07/2016 5040 Yffenni Surprise Royal 3h 13m SRCY

Note how relatively slow the early peals were and that the installation of sound control in the mid-1980s has lead to a significant increase in the number of peals that have been rung.

*In the Granta Variation of Kent the treble makes seconds to the four tenors after they have dodged with it with the intention of going into the hunt - therefore none of the big bells goes into the hunt. Riveting!


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