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COLESHILL SS Peter & Paul 10, 14-0-24 in F#

Grid Reference 139/201890 Coleshill Church - Source: Mike Chester
Postcode B46 3AJ
Affiliation St Martin's Guild
Peals Felstead Database
Sunday 0900-0930 & 1800-1830
Practice Tuesday 1930-2100


The oldest part of the current church dates from the 14th century, but the Norman font suggests a much earlier date for the foundation of the church. In the Anglo-Saxon period Coleshill was a "Minster" church serving a wide area. The church was extensively restored in 1868. All the external masonry was renewed and the plaster of the internal stonework was either scraped or replaced.

The church has a large tower and a tall spire. It can be seen for many miles around and it was used as a lookout post in WWII, being then the tallest vantage point in the area.

There were bells in the medieval tower. When the spire was struck by lightning in 1550 two bells were sold to pay for repairs. The spire was rebuilt some 5 metres shorter; it was rebuilt again in 1888. In 1720 Joseph Smith of Edgbaston recast the old ring of five bells as a five and added a new treble. The ring was augmented to eight by Taylors in 1923 by the addition of two trebles.   These bells were an anti-clockwise ring until 1977, when 8 new bells were cast around the existing two trebles and the whole ring was rehung in a new, clockwise, lowside frame.  The Smith tenor had a scrapping weight of 12-2-22. Two of the old ring of 3 at Nether Whitacre were bought by Coleshill when the ring of 6 from Hampton in Arden were installed in that tower, the metal being used in the augmentation scheme here.

There is some parking in and around Church Hill, though this might be taken at busy times.

Details of the Bells

 1 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   3-2-22  22.875"  1881.0Hz (A#+15c)
 2 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   3-3-10  23.75"   1676.0Hz (G#+15c)
 3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough                1923   4-0-00  25.125"  1488.0Hz (F#+9c)
 4 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough                1923   4-2-14  26.625"  1404.0Hz (Ex+9c)
 5 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   4-3-10  28.00"   1247.0Hz (D#+3c)
 6 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   5-0-26  29.50"   1108.0Hz (C#-1c)
 7 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   6-3-04  32.50"    988.0Hz (B+0c)
 8 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978   8-0-17  34.375"   931.0Hz (A#-2c)
 9 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978  10-1-22  38.00"    828.0Hz (G#-5c)
10 John Taylor & Co, (Bellfounders) Loughborough 1978  14-0-24  42.375"   734.0Hz (F#-14c)

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